• 01SMT auto patch
    ·At present, there are two (three) full-automatic SMT production lines, plus AOI automatic visual inspection and automatic closing plate after furnace, to ensure automatic operation and installation yield.
    ·Fully competent for normal mounting of conventional 0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1210,2010 and other components.
    ·24h constant temperature and humidity environment to ensure that the installation environment meets the standard.
    02AI auto plug in
    ·At present, three groups (four groups) of AI lines are designed to greatly reduce the dependence on manpower.
    ·24h operation in the workshop to ensure that the delivery time of customers is less affected.
    ·Machine operation, less manual intervention to ensure quality.
    03DIP workshop
    ·Strict anti-static mechanism shall be implemented in the whole workshop to ensure that the electrostatic protection is correct.
    ·At present, there are 5 groups (7 groups are designed) of assembly lines with single line capacity of 1-12000 / day.
    ·Introduce process assurance system into the whole line to ensure process yield.
    04Aging Workshop
    ·16 sets of automatic intelligent monitoring aging equipment.
    ·Batch products are shipped after aging to ensure the quality of products shipped is excellent.
    ·The whole process of product aging is monitored by computer, the process is clear, and the abnormal alarm is given in time.
    05IQC workstation
    ·Workstation station has the ability to carry out spot check on electronic materials, inductive materials, resistance and capacity materials, plastics, etc.
    ·The workstation shall carry out inspection and document storage in strict accordance with the standards to ensure the traceability of records.
    ·According to the quality manual, the workstation strictly carries out quality inspection to ensure the product yield.
    ·The workstation shall be responsible for the timely propaganda and education of operators in case of any defect, so as to prevent them from entering the next process.
    ·All finished products are shipped with random inspection report for customers' reference.